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Updated 2020-06-05 02:32
Yemen faces spread of COVID-19 'with no health care system at all'
Yemen, made vulnerable by more than five years of war, is ill-equipped to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The public health problem is exacerbated by warring factions, who downplay the threat of the pandemic even as Yemeni hospitals — and graveyards — are crowded with victims.
Sudanese women seek justice one year after pro-democracy crackdown
Sudan's women were also the target on June 3, 2019, when Sudanese security forces raided a protest camp of pro-democracy activists. Now, a year on, many are concerned that those responsible for the attack are not being held accountable.
Concerns of structural racism ‘deeply existential,’ UN special rapporteur says
Tendayi Achiume, United Nations special rapporteur on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance speaks with The World's Marco Werman about the impact of George Floyd's death and protests against systemic racism around the world.
Health disparities are top of mind for Latina student voter
Long before the pandemic, Adela Diaz, an Arizona college freshman, was aware of disparities in health care access and outcomes for minorities in the US. The pandemic has widened the gap, she says.
No. 1 rule for police: Defend human rights, says Ukraine's former police chief
Khatia Dekanoidze knows about police reform. As the former chief of the National Police of Ukraine, she continues to work on police reform efforts in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. She spoke with The World's host Marco Werman to talk about what US police officers can do now to reform.
Systems of oppression in health care long made ‘invisible,’ Harvard prof says
Fault lines of inequality have existed for generations, says Dr. Michelle Morse, co-founder of the Campaign Against Racism.
Somali Americans share in the grief and pain over George Floyd’s killing
One Somali American in Minneapolis organized a prayer gathering online to process it together.
Las Vegas gets a boost for coronavirus testing from the United Arab Emirates
Like many US states, Nevada was struggling to test residents when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Eventually, help did arrive — from an AI company in the UAE.
Canadians contend with etiquette questions as they double their social bubbles
After months of staying home in self-isolation, people in some parts of Canada are being told they can begin to expand their real-life, in-person social circles.
Costa Rica is betting on 'staycations' to keep tourism afloat
Hoping to replace billions in lost revenue, Costa Rica is embarking on a marketing blitz geared toward locals.
Can a star-studded, global Pride parade online replace the real thing?
Since the first brick was thrown at Stonewall in the summer of 1969, LGBTQ communities around the world have celebrated queerness each June, with protests, parties and day-long parades. Celebrations this year will look different — online.
Cold War 'CORONA' satellite images find second life in ecology research
Some of the more than 800,000 satellite images taken during the Cold War are being used by researchers to track biodiversity and species decline.
'No one is above the law,' St. Paul BLM organizer says
The World's Marco Werman speaks with Darnella Wade, an organizer for Black Lives Matter in St. Paul and founder of the Black Truce Peace Organization about the world's response to protests over the death of George Floyd.
Coronavirus spread threatens Colombia's Amazonian Indigenous communities
Indigenous communities in Colombia's Amazon region lack medical personnel and infrastructure to handle a pandemic. Some worry the spread of the coronavirus could wipe out entire ethnic groups.
Coronavirus exposes Sudan's broken health care system
Some Sudanese in the diaspora are trying to help — but the country says the need is great.
French nonprofit warns 'COVID waste' could harm the environment
Opération Mer Propre, or Operation Clean Sea, is a nonprofit group that cleans the waters of France’s Mediterranean coast. In addition to the usual waste they find, they’re now picking up masks and gloves.
‘Gogh By Car’ to this Toronto art exhibit
This multimedia show tells the story of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and work through more than 400 high-resolution images of his paintings projected across the exhibit space.
London school steps up to help vulnerable children banned from getting free school lunches
Taking care of the entire family is at the heart of this school, which sits on the edge of the Aylesbury Estate, a vast network of highrises that used to be the largest public housing unit in Western Europe.
What private companies could mean for NASA space exploration
It's been nearly a decade since an astronaut was launched into space from American soil. Wednesday, at Cape Canaveral Florida, the company SpaceX and NASA tried to end that streak on board the Falcon 9 until weather scrapped the launch. The World's Marco Werman speaks with Margaret Weitekamp, head of the space history department at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, about the future of US space flight.
Thermal readings at work raise concerns about civil liberties
As the world continues to try to find ways to reopen and cope with the coronavirus in the aftermath of lockdowns, many in workplaces will shortly have to go through thermal imaging cameras to enter public buildings and offices.
Food waste increases during the pandemic — compounding an existing problem
About one third of all food produced across the globe goes to waste, with profound implications for hunger, climate change and political stability. The pandemic is making the problem worse.
Iran sends mixed signals on release of foreign prisoners
Facing an outbreak of the coronavirus, Iran has been sending signals that it's willing to release foreigners in detention. But the wife of an imprisoned British Iranian says a window of opportunity for Western nations to reach a deal with Iran on a prisoner swap "seems to have been wasted completely."
Indigenous groups in Canada fight to stay closed as restrictions ease
The Haida are one of many Indigenous groups across the world trying to stay closed as surrounding areas reopen following restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
Under quarantine, the first talking film made by a woman in Spain resurfaces
With time on their hands under quarantine, Spanish film researchers from the national film archive, Filmoteca Española, came across a film that had been ignored for decades. “Mallorca," likely made between 1932 and 1934, by María Forteza, appears to be the first talking film directed by a woman in Spain.
How do contact-tracing apps around the world compare?
Countries around the world are developing contact-tracing apps to limit the spread of COVID-19. Part of that effort is balancing privacy with data collection. MIT is tracking how some of those worldwide apps compare.
Syria’s first family is caught in a feud
For the past few weeks, the world has been getting a rare glimpse into a heated feud between Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, and his maternal cousin, Rami Makhlouf.
In Latin America, coronavirus slams an economy already in dire straits
Bank of America projects that the region’s economy will shrink by almost 7% this year.
Two comedians reshape their acts during lockdown
A public health crisis. An economic crisis. And no live shows. It's these challenges and more that stand-up comedians Joanna Hausmann and Joe Wong are navigating during the pandemic.
Niagara Falls is off-limits to Americans as US-Canada border remains closed
Usually, tens of thousands of Americans take advantage of the fact that Canada is an easy border crossing away. But things are not normal this year. The city of Niagara is deserted and hotel owners wonder if they'll be able to pay their bills this summer.
Coronavirus vaccine will need new models of public-private partnership, says research nonprofit CEO
The world will need billions of doses of a vaccine to eradicate the novel coronavirus pandemic, and that means public and private sector partners will have to find new models of partnership to meet the challenge, Mark Feinberg, CEO of research nonprofit IAVI tells The World's Marco Werman.
Trump's pandemic response has this conservative Latino teen voter considering Biden
Jacob Cuenca, an 18-year-old registered Republican, planned to cast his first-ever vote for President Donald Trump in this November's election. But the president's missteps during the coronavirus pandemic are driving Cuenca to consider former Vice President Joe Biden instead.
'The Future We Choose': A new book outlines strategies for surviving climate change
In her new book "The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis,” Christiana Figueres shares her personal experience of leading the 2015 Paris talks and outlines key strategies for moving our society towards ecological responsibility.
China sends new message about centuries-old chopstick tradition
COVID-19 has changed habits around the world. As China recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, the government is urging diners to use serving chopsticks at family meals — changing a centuries-old tradition.
The canals are clear thanks to the coronavirus, but Venice’s existential threat Is climate change
Flooding in November has left experts wondering whether the massive retractable gates the city is constructing will ever keep all of the water out.
The key to winning the Latino vote in 2020? Latinas.
The path to victory in the US presidential election in November cannot afford to ignore the Latino vote. But Latinas' voting power goes beyond their individual votes: They’re likely to encourage friends and family to vote, too.
Move over K-pop: Korean youth turn to old-time trot music
Young pop stars in South Korea, struck with nostalgia, are performing covers of old-timey trot music on competition shows like “Mister Trot,” which have viewers vote for their favorite acts in an “American Idol”-style format.
The State Dept. is nearing a deal over 1998 terrorism victims. But can Sudan pay it?
The deal, if passed by Congress, could put the country one step closer to removing the State Sponsors of Terrorism designation, which Sudanese officials see as a key obstacle in emerging from decades of economic isolation.
Here's how to convert your lawn into a bee pollinator habitat
Pollinators are in sharp decline across the US. A Minnesota program wants to encourage homeowners to help reverse this trend by paying them to convert turf to pollinator-friendly habitats.
Khashoggi sons' pardon of his killers is 'final act of the parody of justice,' UN expert says
The sons of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi released a statement on Twitter on Friday saying they forgive their father’s killers. But his fiancée says she doesn't support it. Agnès Callamard, the United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, tells The World's host Marco Werman that the entire situation is a "parody" and "travesty" of justice.
Under lockdown in Morocco, Ramadan celebrations get a quiet reset
For the first time that anyone can recall, mosques in Morocco are closed for Ramadan.
South Korea’s coronavirus contact tracing puts LGBTQ community under surveillance, critics say
Health officials gain access to the cellphone GPS records, credit card transactions and transportation history of anyone who tests positive for COVID-19, and then they release much of that information to the public. Many in country's LGBTQ community say they feel singled out.
The great reopening
In the midst of a pandemic, governors around the country have been reopening local economies and causing concern for many health experts. And in the rush to get back to business, governors are not meeting criteria to keep people safe.
Can the pandemic encourage airlines to be greener?
Climate advocates and economists say this moment of disruption in the airline industry is an opportunity to become greener.
British Columbia gets creative to combat drug overdose crisis amid coronavirus
The coronavirus has threatened to worsen British Columbia’s drug overdose crisis. Some doctors are trying something unusual: prescribing opioids and stimulants, off-label, as alternatives for people who would otherwise seek out even more toxic versions on the street.
Guatemalans deported from US shunned at home over coronavirus fears
At least 115 people returned to Guatemala by the US have tested positive for the coronavirus upon arrival. Deportees are being shunned, threatened or chased away by neighbors who fear they are bringing back the virus with them.
After years apart, this Syrian doctor in New York is finally celebrating Ramadan with his family
Saturday evening marks the end of Ramadan. Even though Rami is putting in long hours treating patients with the coronavirus, he’s thankful for a more traditional celebration of Ramadan — with his wife and young son.
Madrid residents are restless for green space during city park closures
Madrid has kept its parks closed to stop large gatherings, but citizens are increasingly angry with the lack of green space in a city where most residents live in small apartments. One lawyer is even suing the city to "take back" the parks.
Netherlands nursing home builds 'glass cabin' where families can safely connect
Many older adults grapple with loneliness, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Zoom and WhatsApp just don't cut it. In the glass cabin, friends and family can visit safely and connect while separated by panes of glass.
'World War C': How did national security miss the coronavirus?
The US spends billions and billions of dollars on defense, but the novel coronavirus slipped silently and invisibly across US borders and even onto military aircraft carriers. One could say the US was preparing for World War III when it got hammered by World War C — the coronavirus.
The pandemic canceled her graduation. But this DACA holder still got her moment to shine.
Juliette Herrera spent nearly a decade obtaining her college degree. When the coronavirus pandemic canceled her graduation ceremony, her family and friends found another way to celebrate her achievement.