Poll 2015-07-27 Type of phones I use regularly:
Type of phones I use regularly:
Android 2.x
0 votes (0%)
Android 4.x
17 votes (53%)
iPhone v.1-3
0 votes (0%)
iPhone v.4+
3 votes (9%)
0 votes (0%)
Feature phone
2 votes (6%)
3W bag/car phone
1 vote (3%)
5 votes (16%)
4 votes (13%)
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Android (Score: 1)

by zenbi@pipedot.org on 2015-07-27 07:49 (#FHZW)

Android 2.x is Eclair - Honeycomb
Android 4.x is Ice Cream - Kit Kat
Android 5.x is Lollipop

Stopped using phones completely (Score: 2, Funny)

by koen@pipedot.org on 2015-07-28 22:45 (#FR2R)

I don't have a phone anymore since about two and a half year, and I love it.

I never miss it, except when buying (for example) a plane ticket through the internet because most sites refuse to make a booking without a phone number.

Re: Stopped using phones completely (Score: 2, Informative)

by evilviper@pipedot.org on 2015-07-31 03:31 (#FZCJ)

Even if I didn't have any phone service, I'd still carry around a cheap old phone (at least in the car) to take photos, get driving-directions/find stores, read email and RSS feeds (updating when near WiFi), play games, be able to call 911, give search&rescue a signal to follow, etc.

But I really can't see opting-out of having phone service these days, as there are several available for FREE, and very cheap, today.

If you've got just any licensed Android 4+ device, you can install the Hangouts Dialer to make and receive calls via your Google Voice number (via WiFi). Even without an Android device, you could still get a Google Voice #, and check your voicemail messages online.

If you have a Sprint/Boost/Virgin phone*, you can bring it to RingPlus and get 125 minutes/40sms/10MB without even giving your credit card#. They play music & ads (instead of just ringing back). and of course hope you'll want to upgrade to a paid service (starting at $2) later. NOTE: Verify phone compatibility right away, and quickly return/exchange any used phone that fails activation checks.

--Less Recomended--
FreedomPop also offers BYOD on Sprint & offers 200minutes/500sms/500MB if you don't mind paying $20 in activation fees, a few dollars for voicemail, and constantly trying to trick you into buying extra services.

You can buy an Ooma Telo VoIP device for ~$100 and get mostly-unlimited free VoIP calling if you're careful to opt-out of extra services, and already have a good internet service.

I hated the old days, when phone service I only barely used was $30+/month, plus some minimum monthly fee for long-distance I almost never used, and that on-top of monthly (slow) internet service subscription, while being inundated with sneaky telemarketers and worse.

* http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2015/02/sprints-blacklist-is-gone-but-byosp-is.html

Android, android, baby (Score: 1)

by zafiro17@pipedot.org on 2015-08-02 18:30 (#G77V)

When I changed jobs earlier this year I lost access to the Blackberry and the Winphone I'd been using. Believe it or not, I miss the BB a slight bit, but the Winphone not at all. Wife's got an iphone, but I vastly prefer my Samsung Note 3, stylus and all. Android Jellybean, nice fast processor, and apps I like. Yeah, Android has got its quirks, but I wouldn't trade it for an iphone at this point, no way.

Very curious about Jolla/Sailfish these days though. Ubuntuphone and Mozillaphone (or whatever they call it), not so much. But it would be nice to see something shake up the system. Feel like Google and Apple could use a little more competitive pressure in the ecosystem. See where tablet sales have plateaued? Anyone who wants one has one, and there's not a huge incentive to go get a new one, really.