Android, android, baby (Score: 1)

by on 2015-08-02 18:30 (#G77V)

When I changed jobs earlier this year I lost access to the Blackberry and the Winphone I'd been using. Believe it or not, I miss the BB a slight bit, but the Winphone not at all. Wife's got an iphone, but I vastly prefer my Samsung Note 3, stylus and all. Android Jellybean, nice fast processor, and apps I like. Yeah, Android has got its quirks, but I wouldn't trade it for an iphone at this point, no way.

Very curious about Jolla/Sailfish these days though. Ubuntuphone and Mozillaphone (or whatever they call it), not so much. But it would be nice to see something shake up the system. Feel like Google and Apple could use a little more competitive pressure in the ecosystem. See where tablet sales have plateaued? Anyone who wants one has one, and there's not a huge incentive to go get a new one, really.
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