Google tweaks Play Store algorithm to shrink app updates by up to 50 percent

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Google is claiming that updates to apps in the Android Play Store may soon become much smaller due to their use of a new algorithm named "Courgette" developed from bsdiff. The algorithm can reduce the size of patches by up to 50% according to Google, and they have previously been using it for updates to the desktop Chrome browser.

Previously when an app needed to be updated the entire app would have to be downloaded and installed, essentially replacing the existing version. Google has been using diff versioning since 2012, but this new algorithm takes advantage of the ways in which compiled native code changes between versions. This is most effective when libraries are stored uncompressed, but even compressed code can still potentially see a 5% decrease in data usage. Although a 5% savings isn't a dramatic change, every little bit helps, especially with limited data plans.

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LOL, I was thinking the same. It seems like there are updates to something daily. Sometimes it feels like I just do updates and a few minutes later there are more.
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