Tiobe index shows Java and C++ slip in popularity

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The Tiobe Index this month shows both C++ and Java languages are less popular than they've ever been, though they're still popular.
"Java and C++ are at an all-time low in the Tiobe index since its start in the year 2001. This doesn't necessarily mean that Java and C++ are on their way out. There is still a huge demand for these programming languages," Tiobe says. Based on a formula that analyzes searches on languages on a number of sites, Java's rating in the September index was 14.14 percent; C++ had a rating of 4.67 percent. Overall, Java ranked second in popularity, while C++ came in fourth.
That doesn't mean they're not still popular languages, and it doesn't mean they're not in demand. But the statistics do show their influence waning as newer and more focused programming languages gain in popularity to address domain-specific programming challenges, like Swift for Apple products, or Ruby [Ed note: for what?]. As usual, C#, PHP, and Python remain in high interest by the programming community. The Tiobe index itself is here.

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by vanderhoth@pipedot.org on 2014-09-10 14:41 (#2S8B)

Pretty much exactly that. I understand Oracle is business and is out to make money, and they do databases really well, but, "It's a trap!"

They get you in and locked into their stack of products then there's no getting out and they just suck the money and life right out of you all kinds of gotchas left and right.
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