Apple's New MacBook

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story imageToday, as reported by many outlets, Apple announced a new 12" MacBook. The main takeaways are:I am definitely a fan (pun intended) of quiet laptops with no moving parts that can still handle a full desktop OS. This is also one of the first retail devices with the new reversible USB connector that really can't get here fast enough.

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I mostly use an older laptop with two docking stations, one at home and one at work. It is awesome, dual monitor setups in both places, wired ethernet, headphones, etc. All I have to do is clip in and out when I sit down in either place.

I suppose the theory here is that one USB-C will function like the docking interface, so what I will need is a usb-C to multi-port interface. It's an intriguing possibility, especially if it means third-party docks can work across multiple laptops/computers. That would actually improve my life quite a lot as I currently work with multiple laptops and operating systems, especially if other family members are included in the use case. It would be very cool to be able to sit down at a single desktop workstation setup with an arbitrary laptop and operating system and have a single plug to hook in to the whole setup of monitors, network, headphones, cameras, MIDI keyboards, etc.... quite interesting really...
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