Google still pushing its WebP image format

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It seems we'll never overthrow the mighty JPG as an image format, although finally PNGs are supported everywhere. The old GIF format is still used on a regular basis too. So why is Google putting such effort into pushing its new WebP format for images? Well, size, mostly.

Google developers claim WebP images yield a reduction in file size of nearly 35%. And they've been testing it too, on the Google App store, where page load time has been shortened by about 10%.

Will Google have the muscle to push WebP into common usage? Read more at the Google Chromium blog .

Doubt it (Score: 2, Insightful)

by on 2014-03-22 21:05 (#RM)

No one cares about file size anymore. Even mobile views of your typical news site page are multiple megabytes in size, between useless embedded video/animated gifs, dozens of tracker .js files, slideshows, using html/css to resize full resolution images, etc.

5-10 years ago when bandwidth was a premium and substance mattered more than style, maybe WebP would have caught on. Today, general users don't care, they just want the shiny things.
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