Story 2014-07-14 3QH Maybe Runaway wasn't so far fetched after all...

Maybe Runaway wasn't so far fetched after all...

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That the 1984 movie 'Runaway' with Tom Selleck was a lackluster performer is undisputed. However, the movie did show an interesting tech. Bullets that could home in on a target and change their course mid-flight. At the time these mini missiles seemed a bit over the top. The era of such miniaturization and processing speed were still the realm of science fiction.

Well, apparently DARPA was paying attention. The have released footage of their Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program in action.

These would be truly scary to go up against on the battlefield. .50 caliber bullets being fired at you is one thing, having them chase you down is quite another.
"This video shows EXACTO rounds maneuvering in flight to hit targets that are offset from where the sniper rifle is aimed. EXACTO's specially designed ammunition and real-time optical guidance system help track and direct projectiles to their targets by compensating for weather, wind, target movement and other factors that could impede successful hits."
The video shows the ordinance making quite a severe course correction before striking its target.

The full program information is here.

With the ability to turn anyone into a sniper, what does this bode for the future battlefield? Will these inevitably end up in militarized police usage?

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fishing with lines versus nets (Score: 2, Interesting)

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I often think that fishing with lines is a much fairer game for the fish (than fishing with nets) because, maybe, the fish -- or at least some of the fish -- have at least a hope of "getting away". On the other hand, if I really needed to catch fish and nets worked better, I'd probably end up using the nets. My view on all the sophisticated weapons appearing in the world these past decades typically depends on whether I anticipate being the fish or the fisherman in the ensuing "life and death" struggles.