Story 2014-08-18

C++ 14 has been ratified.

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story imageHerb Sutter reports that the ballot closed on Friday. From the
announcement: "We will perform some final editorial tweaks, on the
order of fixing a few spelling typos and accidentally dropped words,
and then transmit the document to ISO for publication this year as the
brand new International Standard ISO/IEC 14882:2014(E) Programming
Language C++, a.k.a. C++14."

Monday Poll: Which tech company's acquisition was the smartest?

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There's been a rash of big companies buying small companies to fill out their portfolios, retain customers, provide new services, shift their focus, or for who-knows-what-reason. Apple's multi-billion dollar purchase of the Beats headphone company is the one that's made the biggest splash, but Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp has been both praised and denigrated.

Thinking value-for-money here, which purchase do you think was the best strategic move? Cast your ballot here.