Story 2014-08-25

Monday poll: which tech news sites do you frequently visit?

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There's an awful lot of sites out there offering you the latest in science, technology, gadgets, distros, and more. It's impossible to list them all here, but here's a representative sample of the big guns (plus Usenet!). Tick off any that you visit on a somewhat regular basis, and list others that you enjoy. This will help the editors and submitters better monitor those sites for interesting stories worth posting and discussing here.

The poll is here.

Truecrypt is dead. Long Live DoxBox.

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tdk (of s'qute) has announced a project that he has been working on the last couple of months that is of interest to those still using Windows.

DoxBox: Open-Source disk encryption for Windows. Think Truecrypt++

  • Easy to use, with a 'wizard' for creating new 'DoxBoxes'.
  • Full transparent encryption, DoxBoxes appear as removable disks in Windows Explorer.
  • Explorer mode lets you access DoxBoxes when you don't have admin permissions.
  • Compatible with Linux encryption, Cryptoloop "losetup", dm-crypt, and LUKS. Linux shell scripts support deniable encryption on Linux.
  • Supports smartcards and security tokens.
  • Encrypted DoxBoxes can be a file, a partition, or a whole disk.
  • Opens legacy volumes created with FreeOTFE
  • Runs on Windows Vista onwards (see note below for 64 bit versions).
  • Supports numerous hash (including SHA-512, RIPEMD-320, Tiger) and encryption algorithms (Including AES, Twofish, and Serpent) in several modes (CBC, LRW, and XTS), giving more options than any other disk encryption software.
  • Optional 'key files' let you use a thumb-drive as a key.
  • Portable mode doesn't need to be installed and leaves little trace on 3rd party PCs (administrator rights needed).
  • Deniable encryption protects you from 'rubber hose cryptography'.
GitHub Page, Download Page