Story 2015-09-25 NH4Z Giant killer lizards walked together with aborigines during the ice age

Giant killer lizards walked together with aborigines during the ice age

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story imageIn a latest study, the researchers at the University of Queensland have discovered an evidence that “giant killer lizards” used to walk on the Australian land nearly 50,000 years ago. The team has concluded that some of the earliest aborigines may have faced the large predator on their homeland. According to Dr. Gilbert Price, a vertebrate palaeoecologist, the research team was initially shocked to realize the fact that the appearance of the Australia's first human inhabitant overlapped with the existence of the giant apex predator lizards around the same time. The findings of the team were based on the discovery of the lizard fossils.

However, the analysis of the bone has not revealed the name of the species to which it belongs. The researchers say that it might belong to the Komodo dragon which once roamed the Australian land, or it could even belong to the extinct Megalania monitor lizard. The latter was much bigger in size than the Komodo dragon, weighed around 1,000 pounds and grew up to 20 feet long.
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I didn't understand how that was related to the topic at first. Thinking that it was a comment that belonged on a story that discussed ad blocking. Maybe Pipedot should include the domain as part of the link like that other dot site used to, like

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The old site never showed domains in the articles, only in comments. Anyhow it's not very useful, as any browser shows the domain when you mouse-over or long press any link, and there are plenty of short url and redirection services that'll foil it.

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I'll just add that browsing on most mobile devices doesn't afford the user "mouse-over" with the ease with you obviously enjoy with your mouse. Additionally, screen readers for visually challenged users like myself don't typically read out URL targets by default... try to imagine the noise that would be most of the time.

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I did say "mouse-over or long press". The later works great with Firefox mobile and some other mobile browsers.