About Pipedot

Pipedot is a threaded discussion website with user-submitted stories and community moderation. This project started as a result of the original "news for nerds" site Slashdot adopting a controversial "beta" interface and started pushing the new design on their users in October 2013.

About Pipecode

Pipedot uses a completely rewritten engine called Pipecode. Many new and interesting web technologies exist today that simply didn't exist in the Perl CGI script era that Slashdot was originally created in. The Pipecode project is our attempt at a more more modern slash-like framework.

One major goal is the self-hosting ability of the software. We feel that anyone should be able to fire up a copy of Pipecode on their own web server and immediately have access to the existing collection of stories and comments submitted by the community. Similar to the venerable Usenet of that long lost September, the canonical website (Pipedot.org) is simply a "viewer" of the underlying network. If all the users in the community have access to the entire database, problems such as the recent "beta" debacle at Slashdot simply cannot occur. If any one site becomes obnoxious towards its users, the users can simply switch to a different portal of the network.

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