Frequently Asked Questions


For some things, like expanding comment threads, JavaScript works wonderfully. However, we want to minimize its use on Pipedot and concentrate on simple clean pages that work in every browser.

Also, many users like to browse with either scripting disabled or with NoScript (or similar) addon. For those that prefer to be script free, we offer an "Enable JavaScript" checkbox in your user settings page. Browsing the site as an Anonymous Coward (not logged in) will also default to using the JavaScript free pages.


Unicode characters for most languages and useful symbols (like math, currency, and punctuation) are allowed. Dingbats, smiley faces, non-printing characters, right-to-left switchers, and other gibberish are filtered. If you find a bug or wish to suggest an additional language block to allow, please submit a bug report so that we can continue to improve our Unicode handling.

Short Code

All items (stories, comments, polls, etc...) on this site are assigned a short code similar to those seen on Twitter (, Google (,, and others - except that it's built into the site and automatic.

For example, the full URL of a poll could be rather long:

But it can be shortened to:

These links are useful for character limited services, such as Twitter posts, as well as any other scenario where a shorter link would be appreciated. Also, like other link shortener services, you can tack a "+" on to the end of the short link to get statistics on who has clicked it.

Hash Tags

You can refer to a short code or hash tag within a comment or story by simply begining a word with the # character. Short codes will always be uppercase while hash tags will always be lowercase and begin with a letter.

For example: #3XC is a short tag and #dolphin is a hash tag.

Allowed HTML Tags

Comments and story submissions can use HTML tags to embellish the posting.

Inline tags: Block tags: List tags:

A WYSIWYG editor option is also available, for those that prefer to avoid raw markup.

User Page

Registered users receive their own personal subdomain in the form:

Your user page displays your journals, images, shared links, recent comments, and more.


Users may upload a small picture, or avatar, to their profile. Avatars use a square aspect ratio and are saved into three sizes:

Format Size
PNG 64 x 64
JPEG 128 x 128
256 x 256

The small (64 x 64) size supports alpha transparency and will be used as the favicon of your user page.


Photos uploaded to the site are saved into three sizes determined by the orientation and aspect ratio of the original file:

Orientation Aspect Ratio Size
Square 1 x 1 320 x 320
640 x 640
1080 x 1080
Landscape 4 x 3 320 x 240
640 x 480
1440 x 1080
16 x 9 320 x 180
640 x 360
1920 x 1080
Portrait 3 x 4 320 x 427
640 x 853
1080 x 1440
9 x 16 320 x 569
640 x 1138
1080 x 1920

Additionally, all photos have a square 256 x 256 thumbnail image.

I Found a Bug!

If you find a bug, or would like to suggest a feature, please report them here:


For those interested in helping to create the Pipecode software, more information can be found at: and the GitHub repository at:

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