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Date Title Submitter Editor Status
2017-04-25 05:41 Samsung forces Bixby on users in Galaxy 8 Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-04-18 13:08 eBay may block Australian buyers over GST collection Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-04-16 13:26 Google invents a whole new way to creep us out Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-04-09 13:27 Another group of thieves has their selfies uploaded to iCloud Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-04-08 09:16 Microsoft admits how much data Windows 10 sends Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-04-07 05:27 ACCC to investigate how fast the NBN actually isn't Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-03-31 15:31 Best Hosting Software davidfernandez@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (spam)
2017-03-31 11:17 Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8+ Launched In India Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (spam)
2017-03-19 08:04 Galaxy 8 to have face recognition for payments Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-03-18 04:45 iPhone Explodes in Customer's Hand at Repair Shop Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-03-15 12:37 Dominos may win GPS Pizza Tracking suit by default Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-03-15 12:07 Vibrator maker pays out after admiting to tracking users with online app Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-03-10 13:15 zxcvcvxcv Anonymous Coward bryan@pipedot.org Closed (spam)
2017-03-01 11:41 Centrelink Releases Welfare Receipient's Personal Information to try to save face Anonymous Coward bryan@pipedot.org Published
2017-02-27 02:20 Nokia brings back the 3310 but not for Aussies Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-01-22 07:36 Australia to introduce face recognition to speed up airport processing Anonymous Coward Voting
2017-01-02 21:22 Why does obedience to speech codes count for everything in opensource, and contribution count for no Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (trash)
2016-12-23 07:32 Fun with candy and hot water Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-12-20 13:42 Australian Welfare Debt Automation Cockup So Bad Centrelink Boss Gives Out Personal Email Address Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-12-20 02:28 Australia considers US style copyright reform Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-12-19 22:55 Groupon Moves Operations to Ireland for Tax Breaks Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-12-13 07:58 Indian outsourcing fail as ATO brought to its knees Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-12-11 12:34 Libre-VideoGame Chaos-Esque Anthology reaches release 100. Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-12-03 11:07 Airless tires making inroads, off-road evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-11-28 05:15 Ultra-fast broadband terminal installed in toilet evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-11-24 08:58 Communities taking back their broadband destiny from big telecoms evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-11-23 01:00 Office Depot caught selling 'fixes' for non-existent PC problems evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-11-20 03:53 Australian NBN company runs out of money requiring a AUD20bn from Government to complete mixed techn Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-11-16 11:41 Even famous actors have their junk examined at American airports Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (non sci/tech)
2016-11-13 23:09 Does millimeter wave cellular broadband offer rural applications? evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-11-09 16:31 Google opposes proprietary phone fast-charging evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-10-28 16:26 Electric current at record speed evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-10-27 06:44 The best large-screen smartphones evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-10-22 14:28 Google gets silly with account recovery questions Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (just a rant)
2016-10-21 20:41 Internet service stabilizes after waves of DDoS attacks evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-10-15 19:43 Russian ship suspected of tapping and disrupting Syria’s sub-sea internet cables evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-10-15 12:53 ACT elections results website mirrors ABS PR incident Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-10-08 14:49 First US Android flip phone launched evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-10-08 14:14 The fight over a new Wi-Fi channel is coming to a head evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-10-05 09:43 Be Free To Order Online Flower Delivery jacobutim@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (spam)
2016-10-01 02:47 Overview of the failure of evoting Anonymous Coward bryan@pipedot.org Closed (Timeout)
2016-09-29 10:07 What Makes Flowers So Special? terrybrooks@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (spam)
2016-09-29 08:03 Use Relocation Services for Physicians for a Stress Free Move midatlanticmedicalre@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (spam)
2016-09-29 07:55 Relocation was not so Easy Before!! midatlanticmedicalre@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (spam)
2016-09-29 04:18 Australian Health Dept Releases Confidential Medicare Data Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-09-21 02:03 California bill will cut greenhouse emissions from – cows evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-09-21 01:43 LinkNYC discovers the social problems of free Wi-Fi on city streets evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-09-16 08:13 ITT Tech shuts down all its schools evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-09-10 15:10 People are complain about missing iphone aux jack Anonymous Coward bryan@pipedot.org Closed (Timeout)
2016-09-10 13:01 Paramount streams 175 movies online Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-09-08 01:02 SanDisk Connect offers tiny portable wireless flash storage for any mobile device evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-09-05 14:17 Australian Government Outsources Cancer Registers to a Phone Company Anonymous Coward bryan@pipedot.org Closed (Timeout)
2016-09-03 14:33 Growing evidence supports the existence of a hypothetical Planet Nine evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-29 20:13 Rackspace found a buyer, going private evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-26 15:41 Dark matter detection experiment comes up empty-handed evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-24 22:34 Australian Census Fail 2016 Breakdown Anonymous Coward bryan@pipedot.org Closed (Timeout)
2016-08-19 00:07 Windows 7 & 8 machines to get monthly "rollups", no choice in patches genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-14 15:54 Soylent CEO Criminally Charged for “Unpermitted” Off-Grid Tiny Home Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-11 20:21 On-Demand drone insurance genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-08 19:39 Study shows PTSD may be more physical than psychological genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-08 19:30 'Faceless Recognition System' can identify you even with your face hidden genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-06 01:37 Olympics viewers overloaded with commercials during NBC Olympic Opening CCeremony genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-04 23:15 Interview with Timothy Lord bryan@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-03 00:53 America’s electronic voting machines are scarily easy targets genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-02 14:30 Ransomware is targeting the enterprise at an increasing pace genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-08-02 09:58 Swift android keyboard leals personal data Anonymous Coward bryan@pipedot.org Closed (Timeout)
2016-08-01 15:42 KeySniffer malware exploits cheap wireless keyboards genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-30 15:28 Pregnancy-tracking app exposes sensitive personal information genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-30 15:19 AT&T raises data caps for U-Verse and GigaPower to 1TB per month genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-29 17:26 Device makes single doses of drugs on demand genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-29 10:15 Hackers attempt to extort thousands from a guy who jerked off in front of his laptop Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (Near-dupe of earlier submission; mundane news)
2016-07-25 21:57 The Coming Internet-Of-Things Horror Show genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-25 13:43 Low Earth Orbit Is Getting Crowded genericuser@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-25 13:34 Serious limitations In Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner genericuser@pipedot.org genericuser@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-25 13:16 Aging Telecom Company Buys Aging Web Search Company genericuser@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-24 17:56 Smart Stitches Coming to A Hospital Near You genericuser@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-24 17:46 Thanks To Google, App Updates May Soon Become Smaller genericuser@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-24 07:04 Scorching Kuwait weather sets Eastern Hemisphere's all-time high record evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-20 00:52 Seagate introduces new 10TB Barracuda hard drives evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-10 11:08 Free VP10 video compression standard benefits from HEVC licensing troubles evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-03 00:01 Comcast nearly has service disruption for failure to pay utility pole fees evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-07-02 23:37 Senate report calls out Time Warner, Charter cable for over-billing customers evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-06-23 02:59 Walmart, Home Depot suing Visa, MasterCard over not allowing use of chip+PIN evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-06-19 01:40 6 counterfeit iPhones from China evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-06-15 00:35 Tour the very last audio cassette factory evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-06-13 15:27 FSF suggests getting rid of Intel Management Engine to improve freedom security and privacy Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-06-13 14:58 Do you cover up the camera on your mobile devices Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-06-13 13:28 Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn wilson@pipedot.org bryan@pipedot.org Closed (Timeout)
2016-06-09 02:58 homes that can FLOAT solve the housing crisis? evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-05-31 18:41 GRsecurity is preventing others from redistributing source code Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (MikeeUSA rant)
2016-05-31 18:08 Devuan considers enacting Code of Conduct. Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (MikeeUSA rant)
2016-05-29 10:41 Google plans to replace passwords biometrics and environment readings Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-05-28 07:25 Tips for Earning Money from your YouTube Videos janjes@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (spammy, no summary)
2016-05-24 05:21 The return of Nokia branded phones and tablets evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-05-22 11:22 GRC Releases Program to Prevent Windows 10 Upgrade Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (No longer relevant)
2016-05-22 09:26 How secure is your password Anonymous Coward Voting
2016-05-21 04:24 Fire breaks out at world's largest solar power plant evilviper@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-05-20 06:37 Ingestible Origami Robot to remove Button Battery stuck to wall of Stomach janjes@pipedot.org bryan@pipedot.org Closed (Timeout)
2016-05-17 16:16 IBM's Phase Change Memory stores three bits per cell fishybell@pipedot.org evilviper@pipedot.org Published
2016-05-17 14:01 New identity theft scam being used by online stores to get photo ID Anonymous Coward evilviper@pipedot.org Closed (Not one up-vote in nearly 6 months...)