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by on 2014-04-08 17:05 (#10P)

The only thing that makes LEGO a boy toy instead of a girl toy is because we tell ourselves it is because it isn't Barbie. While LEGO specifically has a series of sets directly targeting girls (bigger minifigs, various shades of pink blocks) there are no sets targeting boys. They have a mostly boy base because there aren't that many good toys for boys either, especially that make them think. My friends kids, 4 girls, 3 boys (what can I say, it's Utah), all enjoy playing with LEGO blocks together. The younger ones also enjoy Mr./Mrs. Potato Head and dress up, both of which also foster creativity and imaginative thought for boys and girls alike. Having so many kids they need have toys and games that all can enjoy: it saves space and money. Why define strict gender roles at home when they're going to be bombarded by it for the rest of their lives?


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