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Does millimeter wave cellular broadband offer rural applications?


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I bet the signal/noise ratio is pretty good right now since the spectrum just opened up. What would it look like once everyone starts broadcasting?

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What would it look like once everyone starts broadcasting?
Very high frequencies have long been considered undesirable because they don't penetrate through or go very far around walls, trees & leaves, hills, curvature of the earth, etc. In fact they're greatly attenuated even by just the oxygen and light moisture in the atmosphere. Plus the millimeter wave band is extremely wide, leaving a big open space for everyone to fit-in without competing with each other. These features that makes them undesirable for one-way broadcasting of TV/radio and long-distance coverage, also makes them ideal for high-speed, short-range, two-way cellular communications, where people a mile away don't want or need to pick-up the signal at all.


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