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Lenovo apologizes for pre-loaded insecure adware "Superfish"


How the mighty have fallen (Score: 2, Insightful)

by on 2015-02-21 08:10 (#3H4E)

I take it as a sign of the times how far the once mighty Lenovo (in pseudo-proxy-of the once mighty IBM) has fallen

I loved my first IBM Thinkpad: full of reliableness and gusto. I type this now on my chiclet stricken, touchpad button missing (although I never use the touchpad: long live the nub!), X1 Carbon. I look at even the very next generation of X1 Carbons and see faults that would make me -- a true believer -- second guess the company's strategy.

I recommended an Ideapad to my less-than-tech-savvy friend. When it experienced its first problems I shrugged them off as the fault of Microsoft. When the problems became persistent -- for example, an incompatibility between the wifi driver and Google Fiber's router -- I started to see the Lenovo of now for what they are: a memory of what once was.


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