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Problem with Pipedot "Feed" page (Score: 1)

by on 2020-04-25 14:02 (#52N97)


I've enjoyed using your "Feed" page for years now. The other day, XKCD stopped updating, also the "XKCD" header above the list disappeared. Tried deleting that feed and using "+" to start over, but it's not working.
* There used to be a big pick list to the right of: "Use existing feed:" and that is currently empty.
* "Or add new feed:" didn't work when I tried

Maybe it's just a reboot or something easy?


Re: Problem with Pipedot (Score: 1)

by on 2020-04-30 11:47 (#52W0Q)

Ya, I have a few bugs that cause the feed pages to act improperly at times.

The first is that I'm using a strict XML library to parse the feed. If the RSS/Atom page has any syntax error (for example: a stray tag or quote) the page wont parse correctly and will return blanks for everything. Pipedot's feed page uses the "title" tag returned from the RSS page as the name of the feed. This is why you sometimes see the header bar of a feed become blank. This is also why some feeds (like ExtremeTech) have weird names: because that's how their source title tag of their RSS page is set!

Another bug happens when adding dual protocol feeds. When I wrote the feed logic, I made each feed be unique based off the RSS URL. This lets a site have multiple feeds, as long as the RSS links have different URLs. The bug happens when you create two feeds to the same location, one using "http" and one using "https". A human knows that "" and "" are the same, but the site see's them as two unique URLs! (current xkcd feed link is using the atom version over http)

P.S. I also recently upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 that was released last week. (may have some lingering issues)

Re: Problem with Pipedot (Score: 1)

by on 2020-04-30 15:51 (#52W0S)

Thanks for the update. As of a few minutes ago, all the headers disappeared from my Feed.. But using your link to XKCD atom feed, I was able to add that back (no header on that box either).
Good luck with the new Ubuntu!

Re: Problem with Pipedot (Score: 1)

by on 2020-05-01 02:28 (#52X08)

And...tonight nearly all the headers are back!! Thank you.
The header that is missing is (Fun with Math videos) and her site seems to be down at present time.

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