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Combination of efforts (Score: 1)

by on 2014-02-17 07:03 (#R)

Since pipedot and soylentnews are both working towards the same goal, are there any plans to merge the two? Pipedot seems better in some respects (https by default, CSS looks more modern in places), but soylentnews has far more users.

The ideal, to me, seems like a merge of pipedot's improvements to slash into the soylentnews codebase.

As far as a I know, there are still plans to run a name choosing competition for soylentnews; pipedot is a good idea, and could easily be one of the options.

Re: Combination of efforts (Score: 1)

by on 2014-02-17 12:17 (#V)

I am not sure if it has far more users. I just created accounts on both and my id is 77 (or something) here and 33 there. Also, Pipedot doesn't try to gouge my eyes out. That said, both the websites need more work, but soylentnews looks more complete.

Re: Combination of efforts (Score: 1)

by on 2014-03-06 07:55 (#9Q)

Yes. I can't figure out how to filter comments below a threshold on this site, but it was obvious on Soylent. Missing feature, perhaps.

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