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by on 2014-03-26 14:01 (#TX)


Just like others I am a member of soylent news and here, and just like others I keep coming back here more and more. Glad to see things picking up in terms of comments, I hope this continues and the community gets ever stronger. Soylent had some in fighting, not good to see in public but I think they are a stronger team now. What I don't like about Soylent is the look and feel, this is where this site excels. The color scheme and look and feel is amazing, especially as there is only one developer on this. I'd offer my coding skills if there was a need to help out as I am a developer by trade.

Quick thing...I tried to use the check box to register for the mailing list. I got this error on save

"error: value not found - method [post] type [text] name [real_name]"

Also I am not quite sure where I can select which email I want this mail to go to?

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