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DRAM manufacturers settle in price fixing class action suite


Oh, how wonderful.... (Score: 1)

by on 2014-04-04 02:32 (#Z6)

I don't have any of the computers from that era. Nor proof of purchase(ten years from now I could probably use my Newegg account...did they even exist 12 years ago?)
The companies must know that few people keep records beyond 10 years. This is all symbolic, will help no one (exception possibly a few receipt hoarders and businesses).

I still have ONE computer from that era....well, the CASE anyway. everything else has been replaced multiple times. And it's sitting in the closet for at least the last 5 years since I built a new one.

Instead they ought to be forced to drop prices for 12 years. Else wise this move is meaningless to the vast majority.

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