Pipe 2T5 Where is and how to?

Where is and how to?

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Having troubles to submit stories on this site? Well, me to.

So, since I couldn't find this info, I'm tuning to the nascent pipedot community (in a text only fashion) with the following questions:

1. what syntax to use to format the submission?

2. where to report bugs?

3. what are you missing from the old (no longer good) slashdot site. As functionalities/look or whatever in the first place, but maybe the atmosphere or persons/characters for the other side (e.g. don't you miss, say, cold fjord? Or maybe some interviews?)

4. what do you like on pipedot? Yes, this one is the last, as it doesn't target an issue that needs attention, even if it would show the appreciation for the effort.

Final note: no, I'm not affiliated in any way with the guys that developed it. Just cheering for them from the side and hoping the community will from (somehow).
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Troubles (Score: 1)

by bryan@pipedot.org on 2014-02-20 08:09 (#3A)

1. what syntax to use to format the submission?

Simple HTML. See #103

2. where to report bugs?


Re: Troubles (Score: 1)

by ticho@pipedot.org on 2014-02-21 15:04 (#3W)

I tried sending an e-mail to that address, but nothing seems to have happened. Not that I'm complaining, the poor guy is probably on his own in this.

Re: Troubles (Score: 1)

by hyper@pipedot.org on 2014-02-21 15:22 (#3Y)

The 'poor guy' is the person you responded to :P
See parent post..

Layout (Score: 1)

by hyper@pipedot.org on 2014-02-21 15:26 (#3Z)

I like the colours and layout. Reminds me of the old slashdot just with a different pallete.
The ability to choose different themes or set specific colours would be nice.
This site has real potential.

Re: Layout (Score: 1)

by danieldvorkin@pipedot.org on 2014-02-22 15:53 (#4R)

>I like the colours and layout. Reminds me of the old slashdot just with a different pallete.

Yes. It's gorgeous, it loads instantly, and it renders perfectly in any engine. This of all things should never change (and I'd love it if Pipecode became a standard for discussion sites). Theming would be neat, but shouldn't be a particularly high priority, IMO.

Points 1 and 2 have already been covered so here's what I have on the others:

3. A working user page, moderation, signature lines, and a method for quoting other than the old Usenet '>' standard. And the volume of people, of course. No particular person (there are plenty of /.ers I'd love to see over here, several I really wouldn't, and a whole bunch of whom I have no particular opinion) but just the critical mass needed to keep a discussion board going. I've done my best to help by putting a reference to |. into my SoylentNews .sig--are there any other reasonably non-spammy ways people can think of to get the word out?

4. So far, the balance of stories on the front page has been about right, IMO: a fair helping of both computer-specific and general-interest science and engineering. Let's keep that up, if we can. Most of my submissions will probably be science-oriented since that's what I do for a living; but as a bioinformaticist, I always have one foot in the IT world and I like knowing what's going on there whether or not it's relevant to my work. As with the best of old /., it's the comments that make the difference.

Re: Layout (Score: 1)

by bryan@pipedot.org on 2014-02-26 17:11 (#73)

blockquote added added to the list of allowed html tags

Speed of submission approvals (Score: 1)

by wjwlsn@pipedot.org on 2014-02-25 01:12 (#5X)

How can this be sped up? How can we help?

The site is really promising, but it needs to be updated more frequently to attract/hold more people... and then more people will comment, and that will attract more submissions, etc.

Re: Speed of submission approvals (Score: 1)

by bryan@pipedot.org on 2014-02-26 10:31 (#6K)

I just added the first set of "editor" functions for publishing/closing submissions. I hadn't done a "Call-for-editors" yet because of the lack of such tools.

Scott has already volunteered to help with some content/submissions, and I'd gladly welcome others that have some time to contribute.