Pipe 2VAJ GPC-Slots2 Resubmitted to Debian for Packaging. (Previously rejected due to dislike of author)

GPC-Slots2 Resubmitted to Debian for Packaging. (Previously rejected due to dislike of author)

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As it goes:

(gpcslots2 is a text console casino for *nix. It uses ascii
art to represent the slot machines and the table games.
It is fully featured as a slot machine game to the extent
that it even supports the "3d" dual lcd displays found
on modern slot machine displays (--dual) by seperating
out the text output. It is one of the only known
text console slot machine games for linux, the other
being its predecessor. I includes 5 slot machines,
2 dice games, 3 roulette games, a bank, a stock market,
cash-in/cash-out, and html status printout

It was previously improperly rejected because a debian maintainer
did not like the authors political views on women
and debian is a feminist-only project filled
with social justice warriors (everyone else
was kicked out years ago: see Ted Walther)

It's quality is similar to many text based games
Debian packages. It has been included in a polish
linux distribution. It does what it was designed
to do and would not have been rejected if
the author was neutral or was a feminist supporter.)
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not news (Score: 2)

by pete@pipedot.org on 2014-11-28 18:26 (#2VAN)

this isn't news unless something actually happens with the ticket (and even then, personally, i don't care - you alienate yourself from a community by being outwardly pushy, rude and a dick, don't be surprised when they want nothing to do with you - start your own community). if it gets rejected for someactualbulshit reason (troll is troll), feel free to write a real piece instead of just a copy&paste from a mailing list. anyway, they just might not want a slots game in the packages, strictly on gambling objections.

Not a fan of update articles (Score: 2)

by zafiro17@pipedot.org on 2014-11-28 20:26 (#2VAS)

This is better submitted as a comment to the other article, not as a new article. Also, I'm tired of this subject.