Apple ordered to bypass security lock which wipes data after 10 tries

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It is official. The iPhone is the best device to have for data privacy. Not even the resources available to the biggest three letter agencies in America can crack it. Apple has now been ordered to create a hack to get access to an iPhone and privacy supports are against. The primary concern is that if Apple can hack around their own security on the iPhone which would allow for data to be retrieved without triggering the device data wipe function then it will be repeatedly used by law enforcement in the future. Considering that the iPhone login was designed with this scenario in mind it could be difficult for even Apple to get around. There are fears expressed that the next step by the US Government would be to compel Apple to provide this solution for use by law enforcement and other agencies to violate the privacy of US Citizens.

I hope it was worth it (Score: 3, Interesting)

by on 2016-02-28 13:51 (#15DEJ)

This was a one time deal and I hope it was worth it for the FBI. Because Apple is about to button up their OS so even if it is court ordered to break into a device they cannot. Hince, they will attempt to make the perfect black box apparatus. I expect Android to follow suit. Windows, well to much is at stake with the amount of government contracts and vendors they have. Expect that to be the least secured.
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