The Coming Internet-Of-Things Horror Show

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Like many others, Bruce Schneier is sounding the alarm that the Internet of Things security nightmare isn't just about things like poor or non-existent security for thermostats: rather, that "software control" of an ever-widening pool of interconnected devices and systems designed to act without human intervention creates an urgent threat the likes of which we've never seen.

Schneier says, "A recent Princeton survey found 500,000 insecure devices on the internet. That number is about to explode. Autonomy. Increasingly, our computer systems are autonomous. They buy and sell stocks, turn the furnace on and off, regulate electricity flow through the grid, and-in the case of driverless cars-automatically pilot multi-ton vehicles to their destinations. Autonomy is great for all sorts of reasons, but from a security perspective it means that the effects of attacks can take effect immediately, automatically, and ubiquitously."

Re: Looked into connected thermostat... (Score: 1)

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62 deg F all the time. That's the coldest I can stand for long periods with just a sweater, wool socks and a blanket to cover my lap. Any colder and my face / hands freeze. I can't ware gloves while using my PC and have no desire to spend 8 months of the year wearing a face mask/scarf.
You should try a much heavier sweater... I know you're concerned about your face and hands, but keeping your core warmer will keep your extremities warmer, too.
in the summer you kept the AC on and never left your house because it was over 100 deg F and you'd get heat stroke,
Millions of people live and work (outside) in areas where temperatures vastly exceed 100F. See: #1NA1N... If you're healthy, and dressed properly, it's no problem. Humans and horses are better suited to high temperatures than any other mammals.
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