AT&T raises data caps for U-Verse and GigaPower to 1TB per month

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AT&T announced on Friday that the company will be providing 1TB of data a month to U-Verse customers, at speeds up to 300 megabits per second starting August 21st. This should be enough data to stream more than 13 hours of HD video content per day.

AT&T will, however, charge customers if they go over their monthly allowance. For $10, customers can get an additional 50GB of data during the current billing cycle. According to the company, the maximum monthly overage charge is $100, which works out to 500GB of additional data. Customers will not be charged overage fees during the month they initially break through the data cap. In the following month, customers will receive warnings when they hit 65-percent, 90-percent, and 100-percent overages, but won't see overage charges on their bill.

To bypass all this data limit mess, U-Verse customers without DirecTV or the U-Verse TV service can get unlimited data in the home for an additional $30 a month. Cheryl Choy, VP of data and voice products, said that these customers can switch to the unlimited plan anytime they want, even during the middle of a billing cycle.
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