myGov Site Exposed Australians' Private Information

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story imageThe Australian Department of Human Services has been blasted over its "appalling response" to a security researcher's report which found it has been exposing millions of Australians' personal information by leaving serious security flaws unchecked in a critical government website that is a portal to several government services and which may soon be required to be used by Australians for interacting with government services online.
The vulnerabilities were found in the myGov website, which stores the private records of Australians, including their doctor visits, prescription drugs, childcare and welfare payments. The Tax Office is expected to make the site mandatory for electronic tax returns this year.

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by on 2014-05-17 17:21 (#1PG)

Pipedot just went from 'a place I read interesting comments' to 'a place I find out about security issues that affect me.'

I'm sure I'll hear a lot about this come Monday, but right now this is the only site in my RSS feed that's mentioned it. It feels like a threshold has just been crossed.
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