The worst storage media of all time

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story imagePersonally, I was a big fan of Zip Drives back in the day when 56K dial-up was fast and our Macs came in bright, candy colors . But Zip Drives sure take a beating in this article.

The topic is the worst storage mediums [sic] of all time and it's hosted by ExtremeTech. Zip Drives take some abuse, as does reel to reel tape, but there are some surprises too. Not surprisingly, the article concludes on a sense of optimism, in this glorious age where everything you produce can be safely and securely stored in your butt .

Re: In my experience - Sinclair/ZX Microdrives (Score: 1)

by on 2014-05-20 09:19 (#1S6)

I would have taken a new photo with pipedot in the background, but that would have required me going to one corner of the room to pick up the box of floppies, another corner of the room to get my camera, and all kinds of hard work like that. Ain't noone got time for that shit!
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