Cisco Letter to Obama Objecting to NSA Implants

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Listen, do you hear something? It's " waaa, waaaa, waaa, waaaa ." It's the sound of Cisco executives crying to the Whitehouse that their business is being ruined now that the public knows their hardware is being sabotaged by the NSA with listening devices .

I'd feel sympathetic for them, but I'm too busy buying other manufacturers' hardware. This PDF is the letter Cisco executives have sent to President Obama. Or have a look here. The Washington Post reports Cisco John Chandler wrote :
Absent a new approach where industry plays a role, but in which you, Mr. President, can lead, we are concerned that our country's global technological leadership will be impaired. Moreover, the result could be a fragmented Internet, where the promise of the next Internet is never fully realized.
More interesting than the complaint is this graph showing the difference between what Cisco's predicted and actual growth, potentially due to this revelation . Who needs a diaper change and a nice bottle of warmed milk?

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In short, we're making sure the world won't buy anything american. (Score: 2, Interesting)

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And if given a choice(which most companies have) they won't produce anything here, either. It started with encryption export restrictions: This made sure that all relevant encryption would have a tendency to be developed outside america.

Now we've made everything "Made in america" completely insecure. We export our skillsets, we destroy our own education.(FCAT, seriously?) America already only produces two things: Drugs, and Computer chips. This is an attack on half our production. America used to produce three things: Dollars(as a export), drugs, computer chips, and education. We've significantly eroded 2 of the 4 already.

I suppose we'll find a way to legislate destruction of our medicine exports next. Perhaps we can backdoor them?
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