Apple shifts from Objective C to Swift

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story imageApple announced a new programming language yesterday at its yearly developer conference. With improvements in speed and ease of development, the new language aims to replace Objective C, Apple's previous language of choice.

As usual, software development in the new language is limited to the company's XCode programming IDE available for no cost in OS X.

Re: Tragic NIH Syndrome (Score: 2, Interesting)

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The problem with APIs is that for each API one can make cross platform wrapper, and its works damn well
Even DirectX which was microsoft flagship api to lock the users like you say can be wrapped, and some games do this.

On the other hand, an language, locks you very hard to vendor's platform. For instance if your code is in C# your only hope is Mono and with that your
code probably be always of 2nd citizen quality on non MS platforms which is what MS wants.

About Go, I think you are right, chances are that is was really created as a research project at least without initial goal of vendor lock-in, something also evident from the fact that they did LInux, Mac, Windows, and even FreeBSD releases of their compiler.

But swift... I could only imagine how badly its entangled with Apple libraries...
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