Re: Science and big happenings (Score: 1)

by on 2014-09-02 06:50 (#2RZJ)

It depends on what politics articles it is... I do not care about debates trying to argue one candidate is better than the other. That there are better sources for and I do not see this kind of sites to be meant as place of debating politics. However, after an election it is good to know what the new president means from privacy, freedom and world safety. I surely would want to read some comments if USA, Russia or China or any other super power would get a new president. And that is not happening so often, so it would at most be one article a year.

When something happens that has potential to grow bigger in a war, I surely want some insight information from maybe eye-witnesses to know how far the conflict could reach in worse case scenary. For example if Russia would decide to fully invade whole Ukraine it would be a conflict that could in worst case drag in a big part of Europe.
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