Re: already on soylent (Score: 1)

by on 2014-09-17 10:56 (#2SGE)

well, I think that discussion was covered widely when we imported all SN article here (for a few hours) as a test. Overall, the conclusion of the experiment was something along the lines:
  1. keep |. original, don't copy SN, we can go there to read it if we want
  2. we want articles more tech-oriented than SN & /.
Now I think some articles from SN indeed do have a place here, and I guess that's why yours got accepted. In other words, my opinion on this is: please, by all means, keep sending to the pipe, but be also aware that not all of them fit in and that copy-pastes with a 2-day delay are not that interesting anymore ;-)

ps: I really enjoyed the article on microbial life in the arctic :-)
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