Quietnet: a simple chat program using inaudible sounds

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story imageImagine being able to chat with another user using what's in effect a modem program that transmits sounds at near ultrasonic frequencies. Now imagine your cat or dog being royally pissed off by your conversation.

The future is now. An anonymous Pipedotter wrote it to direct out attention to quietnet, a program that does just that. It is a simple chat program that works without Wifi or Bluetooth connections and won't show up in a pcap. You need a good pair of speakers to make it work: If you can clearly hear the send script working then your speakers may not be high quality enough to produce sounds in the near ultrasonic range.

Quietnet is dependant on pyaudio[1] and Numpy[2].

[1] http://people.csail.mit.edu/hubert/pyaudio/
[2] http://www.numpy.org/

The same Anonymous Coward notes: "Quietnet is just a toy! Take a look at minimodem[3] or gnuradio[4] if you need something robust."

[3] http://www.whence.com/minimodem/
[4] http://gnuradio.org/

[Ed. note: looks pretty interesting. Time to test out my cat's audio frequency sensitivity, that fuzzy bastard.]

Re: Re-Morse? (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-09-19 19:17 (#2SMA)

If you don't know what "atdp" means I don't want to know you. ;)

I love when that feature is still available on a modem. Actually came in handy once or thrice.

SLIP and PPP are a whole 'nother layer of kludgery of course. The first time I had the Internet actually work over dialup and saw that URLs worked from one site to another I was smiling in amazement. You're right, no one appreciates that enormous underlying complexity.

I wonder what happened to Hayes and USR anyhow.
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