ICANN speaks: yes to radio, hotel, eco. No to gay, taxi, art, and hotel

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ICANN made its decision last week on a number of high-profile top-level domain names. And of 17 names, only 4 were attributed to a community-run group who will oversee them.
o pass the test, each dot-word applicant had to prove they represented a specific community related to the word. If successful, they would be given priority over anyone else that had applied for the same top-level domain name.

Considering the commercial possibilities of domains ending with "music", "tennis", "art" and others – with recent auctions for gTLDs reaching into the millions of dollars – the stakes are high. And with a high bar of 14 out of 16 points required to pass the test, most failed.

The dot-words that did not pass the community test will move forward to an auction some time next year, and those with the deepest pockets will be able to snap them up.
Two interesting conclusions: of those names rejected, the field is now open for them to be managed by commercial, not community interests. And secondly, the playing field is now open for just about any domain name on earth. Let the dollars flow, eh gentlemen?

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by zafiro17@pipedot.org on 2014-10-14 20:07 (#2TC4)

I was thinking exactly the same thing. If you remember what a wasteland of disorganized crap the alt section of Usenet got to be, I think the geniuses at ICANN, blinded by their own greed, are about to do the same thing to domain names. I plan on registering .sucks as soon as possible so I can go register up slashdot.sucks, putin.sucks, obama.sucks, and the like - not because I care but because important people will pay to have them taken down. Then some other chucklehead can register .sucks.not.really and then suddenly we're halfway to .flonk.flonk.flonk and .usenet.kooks and the like.

Nice work ICANN, you rapacious bastards.
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