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by on 2014-02-21 08:12 (#3R)

I just wrote up a submission for you! If I have time, I'll see if I can do a couple over the weekend as well. I may be being dense again, but it's not clear if we can vote on articles in the pipe, or how to get them onto the front page?
I did notice a couple of minor points around submitting:
  • A Preview button might be nice :)
  • I got bitten by the Unicode rejection when trying to submit, which I think was due to extended characters in the source article I quoted:
    • I needed to replace any visibly non-ASCII characters I could see (em-dashes mainly), but still couldn't submit.
    • I then copied the submission text out of |. and pasted into Notepad, then copy-pasted it back, which seemed to render the text admissible.
Other than that it was pretty straightforward :)
While I'm here, one last thing which would be superawesome would be a couple of navigation links in the comment view:
  • Parent
  • Prev/next in thread
  • Prev/next on site
[The last two I would like because I've taken to browsing comments by entering n manually and then adjusting the value of n by editing the URL...]
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