Android vs Apple: the shoot-out

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story imageTwo interesting articles showed up in my RSS feed today, that juxtaposed, make for an interesting discussion. First, Business Insider has provocatively written that Android is definitively the OS for poor people, and iOS for the rich. They've got some data that shows that people of higher income brackets overwhelmingly use iphones, while Android devices are used by the brackets with less disposable income. But at the same time, they've posted a good article showing a list of eight things the iphone can't - and probably will never - do. They include external storage, NFC support, USB connectors, and a couple of others [all one one page, not eight clicks: thank you!]

So is Android destined to be the poor man's iphone, or is it the ecosystem busy pushing the boundaries of technology and function? Because the days of claiming Android is simply catching up to Apple seem to be long behind us.

iPhone or Android unlocking services (Score: 1)

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Is iPhone or Android easier to unlock - or are they both the same?
I have found various companies, including iphone approved unlock, official sim unlock and official imei phone unlock. All look about the same except the first one specializes in iPhones. But does this even matter? The last one has the same design as the first so is this the same company or is it standard?
I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone 7. Both excellent phones by the way :-)
Would like both unlocking but don't know where to go as stores want to charge too much..
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