ConnochaetOS, a Libre-Slackware-based Distro Resumes Development

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ConnochaetOS, a Slackware- and Salix OS-based GNU/Linux Distribution, has announced a Release Candidate 2 for its version 14.1 after a several year hiatus.
This time it will be again a free/libre distro which contains only free software. It still focuses on lightweight usage and old computers - why there will be only a 32 bit version. To reduce the workload ConnochaetOS will be based on Slackware and Salix OS.

The versioning will follow the Slack/Salix versioning scheme to make things easier. So the next ConnochaetOS release will be version 14.1.
The ConnochaetOS website is also host to the slack-n-free repository, which provides Free Software replacements, including a linux-libre kernel, in the Slackware .t?z format.

Promising news for Free Software and Slackware fans alike.

Re: Something definitely wrong with this article..... (Score: 1, Interesting)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-05-03 04:22 (#892R)

As long as they keep it simple, Slackware is remarkably easy to modify and customize. ConnochaetOS appears to be using the FreeSlack listing to blacklist the non-Free software that ships in Slackware. I have not tried it out yet and so I do not know if there are any other changes at this point, but FreeSlack was straightforward to setup. This should be maintainable by just a few people.

The maintainer did state on their forum that the primary reason for resuming is because of systemd frustration. Slackware, through Pat, has stated that they will hold out until it is no longer feasible; probably until KDE adds it as a dependency.

As for pronunciation, how's your Greek?
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