What "news for nerds" sites should I use?

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I used to visit Slashdot quite often, but if Dice Holdings decide to switch the interface to what is currently known as "Beta", I'll have to find another site for my "stuff that matters"-fix.

So, Pipedot, what sites can you recommend for a "maybe-ex" /. user?

Re: Usenet: comp.misc (Score: 1)

by philovivero@pipedot.org on 2014-03-07 06:41 (#AC)

A suggestion: since the stories are a bit lean, why don't you replace your story feed for the time being with some other feed? Say scrape the front page of news.ycombinator or something.

Then, as the site gains membership, slowly turn down the spigot of stories from other sites, and turn up the spigot on yours. (Alternatively, just weight stories that originate from the Pipedot pipe higher than from other feeds).

I don't know how to fix the lack of comments.
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