Cable TV subscribers down for the first time

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The Cord Cutting movement , in which people choose to do away with cable TV packages in lieu of entertainment provided over the Internet, seems to be picking up the pace. In 2013, the number of American cable TV subscribers dropped for the first time ever, and by the impressive amount of 105,000. A recent report by the Leichtman Research Group finds that the top nine cable companies lost about 1.8 million video subscribers in 2013 (more than they lost in 2012), while other providers gained some users, for a total (net) loss. 2013 was the first year numbers dropped.

Just a blip on the radar? Or the beginning of something more?

Re: Beginning of something more. (Score: 4, Informative)

by on 2014-03-20 19:35 (#QD)

**Everything**, including live sports is available, for free, via xbmc and its plugins.

I cut the cord 2 years ago and have yet to miss any live sporting event I have an interest in.

As a disclaimer, I actually *do* subscribe to NHL Gamecenter ($150 (US) per season) and the reason is at least three-fold:

1) my access to my precious hockey fix is *guaranteed* (just in case the free stuff goes away (doubtful, though: it actually keeps improving))
2) it gives me access to archived and classic games, condensed games, highlights, etc.
3) I can access it on multiple devices...

Also, there are thousands of live streams available, including all the regular US networks (Canada, not so much, except for live sporting events....)

I realize ymmv, but I've also acquired an indoor ota antenna from China ($16) with which I can access 12 ota channels. If I were to mount an outdoor antenna (less than $100) I'd be able to pickup at least 35 ota channels. I don't have the urge, though, because ota represents less than 10% of the tv's use: it wouldn't be missed.

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