Soylent News has launched!

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Friends of this website, Soylent News, have been working hard at a similar project: to replace Slashdot from the ground up. Everything is being driven by the community and volunteer work, and they are now working on a business model; truly inspiring. They have just launched this moment and we want to acknowledge their work.

Re: Combination of efforts (Score: 1)

by on 2014-02-17 08:06 (#S)

I also really like how pipedot is coming together. Pipedot is being properly designed from the ground up, whereas soylentnews was being built off the old code to get to a fully-functional site faster, and will then be refactored and redesigned a bit.

Both are legitimate approaches, and everybody is working towards the same goal. With any luck there'll be some exchange of ideas and techniques, if not actual code.

When google reader went down, the community fractured off and created dozens of new RSS readers. Not all survived, but quite a few are thriving. Slashdot doesn't need to be replaced with one monolithic site, we can easily have half a dozen to fill that space.
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