MIT's simple ARC reactor for nuclear fusion power plants

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story imageAdvances in magnet technology have enabled researchers at MIT to propose a new design for a practical compact tokamak fusion reactor. MIT's new reactor is named as the ARC reactor.

Rare-earth barium copper oxide (REBCO) superconducting tapes are the enabling technology behind the ARC reactor. When it is cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature, the superconducting tape can carry as much current as the large copper conductor, enabling the construction of extremely high"field magnets, which consume minimal amounts of power.

tokamak's vs Stellarators (Score: 1)

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It kind of seems odd to me to miniaturize a design that hasn't worked well enough even at large scales. But maybe the physics works out like semiconducters where efficiency is gained with smaller size ( possibly less energy input needed? ).

As an alternative, I'd like to see more research put into Stellarators. Take these super conductors and put them into both, see which works better with them. Oh and we'll need twice the research money for that. But we'll get more than two results!
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