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Mars One is a massive scam

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ESA reveals Rosetta's snaps of MARS and EARTH
This was the outward journey of the starship Rosetta ... The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a trove of images captured by the Rosetta probe during its journey to Comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko.…
ISS astronauts to test new eye protection for future Mars missions
Marathon race ace FOUND ON MARS – NASA boffins overjoyed
Opportunity only took a little over 11 years to go the distance Diagasm NASA celebrated a milestone in space exploration on Tuesday when the Opportunity Mars rover's odometer clicked past 26.219 miles (42.195 kilometres) – marking the first time a man-made object has completed a marathon's distance on the surface of another planet.…
NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Biologically Useful Nitrogen on Mars
Mars rover detects 'useful nitrogen'
The Curiosity rover makes a detection of nitrogen compounds which provide further evidence that ancient Mars would have been a habitable world.
NASA-Rover Opportunity: Ein Marathon auf dem Mars
Als erstes Gefährt von Menschenhand hat der Mars-Rover Opportunity nun einen kompletten Marathon auf einer fremden Welt zurückgelegt. Die Sonde sollte eigentlich nur drei Monate arbeiten, hat aber nun schon mehr als elf Jahre auf dem Buckel.
Burlington Mars trip hopeful still wants to go, even as criticism grows
Though an astrophysicist and former candidate for the Mars One project has denounced the proposed one-way trip to the red planet, a Burlington woman who is still in the running says she’s still totally on board, criticisms be damned.
Possible fatty acid detected on Mars
A fatty acid might be among organic molecules discovered on Mars by Nasa's Curiosity rover.
AI guru Ng: Fearing a rise of killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars
Baidu's deep-learning genius says he won't bother to work against an evil AI GTC 2015 Artificial intelligence boffin Andrew Ng told engineers today that worrying about the rise of evil killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation and pollution on Mars before we've even set foot on it.…
Laura is willing to leave her husband behind – for a one way ticket to Mars
She's been dreaming of going to space since the first time she looked into a telescope as an 8-year-old
SEMINAR: Lundi 23 mars 2015: Dominic O’Meara à Pari s (Sur les traces de l’Absolu)
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Evidence for nuclear explosions on Mars [pdf]
'Northern lights' observed on Mars
A Nasa spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet detects a mysterious aurora that reaches deep into the Martian atmosphere.
NASA’s MAVEN spots auroras, dust at high altitudes above Mars
The auroras are driven by the sun, but we don't know where the dust came from.
Canadian astronaut Julie Payette says one-way Mars mission is going nowhere
Former Canadian astronaut Julie Payette says the controversial one-way mission to send people to live on Mars is going nowhere.
Mars-Mission ohne Rückflugticket: Harsche Kritik an Mars One
Das Projekt Mars One hatte weltweite Aufmerksamkeit erhalten, als berichtet wurde, mehr als 200.000 Menschen hätten sich für ein One-Way-Ticket zum Mars beworben. Dabei waren es gerade einmal wenige Tausend. Die Kritik an den Plänen wächst.
Shortlisted Mars One astronaut: venture has taken one giant leap backwards
Astrophysicist Joseph Roche says selection process for one-way mission is not vigorous enough, Dutch organisers are naive and project is unlikely to happenHe is not the first person to express scepticism about Mars One, a vastly ambitious private mission aiming to settle humans on Mars from 2025. But Joseph Roche is different to most critics: he’s on the shortlist to be one of the astronauts.Roche, an astrophysicist at Trinity College Dublin who was announced last month as among the 100 people in line for the mission, has written for the Guardian expressing his grave doubts about the viability of Mars One.Related: I’m on list to be a Mars One astronaut –but I won’t see the red planet | Joseph RocheAll of a sudden it changed from being a proper regional interview over several days to being a 10-minute Skype callRelated: Mars One shortlist: the top 10 hopefulsRelated: Houston, we have a lot of problems: is Mars One too good to be true? Continue reading...
I’m on list to be a Mars One astronaut –but I won’t see the red planet
The organisers’ plan is ambitious but naive and unrealistic. It’s time to admit this venture won’t work and pour our energy into more viable space missions Continue reading...
Houston, we have a lot of problems: is Mars One too good to be true?
The organisers claim everything is hunky dory with their plan to send 40 people to spend the rest of their days on the red planet, but sources suggest otherwiseAge: Going since 2011, but probably best described as nascent.Appearance: Either a crazy, far-fetched story about a mission to Mars; or an actual mission to Mars. Continue reading...
Mars One finalist speaks out, says Dutch non-profit likely scamming its rubes
100 final candidates barely screened, given points for buying merch.
CO2 turbines could power Mars exploration — maybe
Let's all move to Mars! The space architects shaping our future
We’ve had starchitects. Now we’ve got space architects. Oliver Wainwright meets the people measuring up the red planet for inflatable homes and farms made of moondust concrete
Jittery, Mars-roaming Curiosity rover to RESUME MISSION within days
NASA: Short-circuiting arm doesn't spell DOOM NASA boffins are confident that its Mars-dwelling space tank Curiosity will return to full duty as early as next week, after its mission was temporarily scuppered by a short-circuiting arm.…
NASA finds evidence of ancient ocean covering 20 percent of Mars
Der Mars hat einen Ozean an Wasser verloren
Dass der Mars einst ein viel feuchterer Planet war, machen Forscher derzeit immer klarer. Nun haben Astronomen herausgefunden, dass die Nordhalbkugel des heute Roten Planeten vor Milliarden Jahren von einem Ozean bedeckt war.
Boffins say Mars had ocean covering 20 per cent of planet
New theory suggests Red Planet was wet enough, long enough, for life to emerge NASA boffins have popped out a new paper, Strong water isotopic anomalies in the martian atmosphere: Probing current and ancient reservoirs, in which they advance a theory that Mars once had substantial oceans.…
Nasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars
A huge primitive ocean covered one-fifth of the red planet’s surface, making it warm, wet and ideal for alien life to gain a foothold, scientists sayA massive ancient ocean once covered nearly half of the northern hemisphere of Mars making the planet a more promising place for alien life to have gained a foothold, Nasa scientists say.The huge body of water spread over a fifth of the planet’s surface, as great a portion as the Atlantic covers the Earth, and was a mile deep in places. In total, the ocean held 20 million cubic kilometres of water, or more than is found in the Arctic Ocean, the researchers found.
Breathtaking First images from Indian Mars Orbiter Spacecraft
India has released its first images from the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft and they are absolutely fantastic. About the mission: “Marking India’s first venture into the interplanetary space, MOM will explore and observe Mars surface features, morphology, mineralogy and the Martian atmosphere. Further, a specific search for methane in the Martian atmosphere will provide information about the possibility or the past existence of life on the planet. The enormous distances involved in interplanetary missions present a demanding challenge; developing and mastering the technologies essential for these missions will open endless possibilities for space exploration. After leaving Earth, the Orbiter will have to endure the Interplanetary space for 300 days before Mars capture. Apart from deep space communications and navigation-guidance-control capabilities, the mission will require autonomy at the spacecraft end to handle contingencies. Once India decided to go to Mars, ISRO had no time to lose as the nearest launch window was only a few months away and it could not afford to lose the chance, given the next launch would present itself after over 780 days, in 2016. Thus, mission planning, manufacturing the spacecraft and the launch vehicle and readying the support systems took place swiftly.”
Mars rover Curiosity halts its work after short circuit
Nasa engineers investigate problem that has stopped the rover’s robotic arm, with testing expected to take days
So ein Schmarrn! - Der Mars ist unser!
Ohne Pioniergeist, Mut und Visionen gibt es keine Zukunft. Das zum Scheitern verurteilte Raumfahrtprojekt "Mars One" missbraucht den Wunsch danach