Article TS7R Walmart is selling $10 Android phones

Walmart is selling $10 Android phones

Ron Amadeo
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(credit: LG)

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, we were blown away by the fact that you could get a smartphone for $35. Sure, you were stuck running Firefox OS, but it was amazing to get a functional pocket computer for that much money. Walmart's latest smartphone selection makes that $35 Firefox phone look positively expensive, though: America's biggest retailer is now selling an Android phone for ten bucks.

Two phones, actually-the LG "Sunrise" L15G and LG "Lucky" LG16 are GSM and CDMA versions of the same basic $10 TracFone prepaid phone. They have a 3.8-inch 480i-320 LCD, a quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 SoC, a 3MP rear camera, a 1540 mAh battery, and 4GB of storage with "up to 1.15 GB" of usable space.

The RAM isn't listed on LG's spec sheet. We're going to guess it's more than "zero gigabytes," but not much more. The devices have microSD slots and even come with a 4GB SD card. You get Wi-Fi B, G, and N, along with Bluetooth 4.0. There's no NFC, 4G, or front-facing camera.

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