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Munich standardizes on Kolab for its groupware


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by on 2014-03-04 14:20 (#9A)

Assuming they had the typical corporate setup, I'd assume before they had something like Outlook/Exchange before they migrated last year. So what are they using now?

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Well if they switched to Linux last year and they're only now going to Kolab, they must be using something in that gap. Although now that I think on it, maybe they're just toughing out the loss in functionality temporarily. Or they stuck with Exchange (assuming that's what they used) and are interfacing with that, which I'd be interested to know how that went.

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Who knows, maybe Exchange runs on Wine? :D

More realistically, they might've stuck with a Windows Echange server, but used a compatible Linux client on the desktop(s). Assuming they didn't just make do with sendmail and Thunderbird, and some Unixy calender application (cron?).


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