Obama popularises phone fetishizing

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Obama thinks that having a secure mobile device amounts to having a phone fetish. In another bizare move by the soon-to-be-ex president of the USA, the commandeer in chief has been quoted as being strongly against strongly encrypted mobile devices to the point where full near unbreakable, in the current computing environment, secure devices is basically people just worshipping their phone. How will we catch pedophiles? Why do we allow terrorists to get away with protecting their secrets? The US goverment must be able to access anyone's files (papers in the constitution) at any time and those who stand in the way must be wrong. How dare people walk around with a bank vault for their data that can not be easily copied.

Re: Obama's phone security (Score: 1)

by seriously@pipedot.org on 2016-03-18 10:50 (#17GK6)

The US government has shown repeatedly that, constitutionally speaking, their understanding of the words "unreasonable" and "probable cause" was definitely not the same as mine. That's enough for me to argue on an ideological basis.
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