Potentially the world's coolest new watch

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story imageSmart watches are evolving. After a somewhat inauspicious start and some missteps, manufacturers and designers are getting a better handle on what the market wants. Or what I want, anyway. Have a look at this new wristwatch from a company called Kairos . The Verge is reviewing it, and while it's not on the market yet, the combination of classic, mechanical wristwatch with a smart screen overlay looks phenomenal. The Verge points out Kairos is a start-up. Can they succeed where the big guns have failed?

Incoming calls (Score: 1)

by epitaxial@pipedot.org on 2014-05-23 19:29 (#1WC)

So this watch buzzes and flashes an incoming call on the display. Are you supposed to answer it and speak into the watch? Sounds pretty douchey.
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