Google Code Shutting Down

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Google's project hosting service, Google Code, is the latest Google product to get the axe. Launched in 2006, the site hosted many FLOSS-type software projects and provided free downloads, source code management, an issue tracker, and wiki pages. Although new project creation is already disabled, the site will stay functional until August 2015 in order to give projects time to migrate to alternatives, such as GitHub and GitLab.

With so many high-profile Google services inexplicably closing, one has to wonder if relying on the continued availability of any Google services is a good idea. Of course, closures are not always exclusive to Google. Gitorious and Freecode are recent examples of other project development sites that have recently shut their doors.

Re: Google Yanks Another One (Score: 2, Insightful)

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not only that, but I'm pretty sure that GMail actually generates tons of money (directly or indirectly) through targeted ads and user's profiling (aka Big Data).

People also tend to forget that there is a paying version of gmail for companies (I'm not putting the link but you can easily google it). I know some companies that use it. I don't know whether there ever was a paying version of google code though.
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