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GitHub is stepping into the text editor arena with Atom. Although the editor acts as a web application, the project is using a specialized variant of Chromium to render itself as a native application. This allows Atom to access local resources, like a file system browser, where a normal web application would have security restrictions.
For this reason, we didn't build Atom as a traditional web application. Instead, Atom is a specialized variant of Chromium designed to be a text editor rather than a web browser. Every Atom window is essentially a locally-rendered web page.
Not too much to see yet, but you can visit the landing page to sign up for the beta.

Re: So much complicated technology for so little (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2014-03-03 16:53 (#94)

  • Well, if there's any truth to the rumours that Moore's Law is finally slowing down or stopping, then that seems to be a big opportunity for people like us. There's surely a lot of code out there which can be sped up in fairly trival ways, and if you have a track record for making other people's code run faster, then you should be pretty busy, once the option to 'throw new hardware at it' goes away...
  • On a somewhat tangential note, here's a C++ to Javascript compiler , which may either amaze or appall you (I'm not sure whether to be amazed or appalled myself, but it can run Qt demo apps in the browser ).
  • I've been away from the site for about 2-3 days, and when I come back we have comment moderation! Does bryan actually ever sleep? :D
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