Computrace backdoor exposes millions of PCs

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Security researchers have discovered millions of PCs have Computrace software enabled. This software is enabled in the BIOS by default. It allows for a Windows PC to be taken over remotely. Computrace does not enforce encryption when it communicates and it does not verify the identity of the remote server from which it receives commands. Most users are not even aware that this software is installed and enabled in their BIOS.

Nearly every PC has an anti-theft product called Computrace embedded in its BIOS PCI Optional ROM or its unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI). Computrace (aka. Lojack for Laptops) is a legitimate, trusted application developed by Absolute Software. However, it often runs without user-consent, persistently activates itself at system boot, and can be exploited to perform various attacks and to take complete control of an affected machine.

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unless you looked at the firmware for each laptop you can't be sure. a lot of big vendors put it on their boards* and some vendors just remove the options from the "BIOS Setup Utility" but it's still there.
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