Taurinus X200 laptop now FSF-certified to respect your freedom

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story imageThe Free Software Foundation (FSF) has awarded its Respects Your Freedom (RYF) certification to the Taurinus X200 laptop sold by Libiquity. The RYF certification mark means that the product meets the FSF's standards in regard to users' freedom, control over the product, and privacy. The Taurinus X200 comes with Libreboot firmware and the FSF-endorsed Trisquel GNU/Linux operating system. Importantly, Intel's Management Engine (ME) firmware with its applications like AMT (remote out-of-band management/backdoor system, part of "vPro") and PAVP (audio/video DRM) have been removed from this laptop. The laptop ships within the USA and may be purchased from the Libiquity Store.

Re: A step backwards (Score: 2, Insightful)

by pete@pipedot.org on 2015-09-30 00:05 (#NZE7)

I think the overriding factor is that its all currently closed source, with chunks being supplied by 3rd party developers. If the laptop does well, maybe it will help nudge these companies to developing an open-source equivalent to protect their market share; better yet, the community creates a solution themselves
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